Assisted Daily Living Leader

The Assisted Daily Living Leader supports our integration program and ensures that special food needs are provided. On site training dates are May 20-22 and June 23-30. Daily shifts are Mon. to Fri. during camp sessions from July 3 to Aug. 11 with 30 hours per week and a wage of $12/hr.

Send your inquiry or application to: Lance Wright - Camp Director.

Our awesome leaders are what makes Canterbury Hills Camp a place where forever memories are made! Leaders help campers reach higher and accomplish more than they thought possible. Campers can take on new challenges because they have fun leaders who care for them and believe in them. With leaders who give their best in cabins, forests, fields, pools, creeks and Dining Halls, campers thrive.

Every camper is unique, so our leaders work hard to find the unique hopes, needs and dreams of every camper and every group. This effort requires ongoing teamwork, patience, listening and creativity. Some moments will be full of joy and wonder. Some moments will be puzzling or challenging. Through it all, leaders bring positive energy, excellence and dedication with a good dose of silliness. To the campers, leaders are role models, even heroes, who leave a lasting impression.

Job Description

  • Participate in Reach for the Rainbow training
  • Review Reach for the Rainbow participant profiles prior to camp to identify assisted daily living needs
  • Meet with Reach for the Rainbow teams prior to camp to help the team prepare for assisted daily living needs
  • Provide assistance, as needed, with Reach for the Rainbow participant bathroom needs
  • Review Reach for the Rainbow participant diet and eating needs
  • Follow through with Reach for Rainbow campers to ensure they receive the diet and eating support required
  • Help Reach for the Rainbow teams with difficult behaviour situations, as needed
  • Provide breaks to Reach for the Rainbow teams by providing 1:1 support during the camp day, as arranged by the Resource Team
  • Ensure that assisted daily living tools and equipment are maintained and in good repair throughout the summer
  • Arrange for replacement tools, supplies and equipment, as needed, for Reach for the Rainbow program
  • Review special diet needs among all campers prior to arrival for each camp session
  • Participate in pre-camp meetings with families who want to participate in pre-camp diet planning
  • Coordinate planning with the kitchen team and unit leaders to ensure that campers with special diet needs are receiving the food and care required
  • Coordinate meal-time communication with campers and unit leaders to address special diet needs that arise

How To Apply

1. DOWNLOAD the staff application form.

2. Complete the application form.

3. Email your application to Lance Wright:

4. Provide two letters of reference or names/phone numbers for two references. Written references can be included with your application or sent to

Note: Preference is given to student applications of a visible minority.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity, contact Lance Wright: or 905-648-2712 ext. 2