Kitchen Positions - Summer 2018

The Canterbury Hills kitchen fuels the pulse of camp. With nourishment and a sense of belonging around tables, campers and staff are able to venture out into their next adventures. But before long, they come back needing more nourishment for their camp journeys, so our kitchen is central to all we do. A positive experience in meals, snacks and outdoor food adventures is a vital part of a satisfying camp experience.

Serving in a camp kitchen can be a rewarding and meaningful way to support the camp community. At Canterbury Hills, we have the following job openings for summer kitchen positions:


  • Food preparation, cleaning and kitchen support during summer programs;
  • Wage: $14/hr;
  • Review the Kitchen Helper Job Descripton;
  • There is currently 1 part-time/occasional kitchen helper position available.
  • Apply now with our Kitchen Helper Application Form.
  • Selected applicants will be invited to an interview, if a kitchen position is still available.