Who provides kitchen leadership?

An experienced Kitchen Manager oversees all planning and food preparation, together with our Head Cook and our kitchen staff.

What meals are offered?

Day Campers are served a morning snack, hot lunch and afternoon snack. Overnight Campers are served Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and evening snack.

What's on the menu?

Breakfast always includes several types of cereal, as well as a prepared meal such as bacon and eggs on an english muffin, french toast, waffles, breakfast burritos, BLT bagels, or scrambled eggs and bacon.

A typical lunch includes fresh veggies or a salad, and a main dish such as mac and cheese, chicken fingers and fries, grilled cheese and soup, or chicken caesar wraps. Lunch also includes a light dessert such as freezies, ice cream sandwhiches, or another cold snack to make sure campers are cool during hot summer days.

Dinner examples include: pasta dishes, fajitas, chicken, roast beef or ham. Potatoes (some meals), salads, cooked or fresh veggies included, plus a dessert such as banana bread, cake, or cookies. Thursday night dinner is pizza (from Ancaster Pizza), veggies, and ice cream for dessert.

A typical camp-out meal consists of hot dogs with veggies, and of course, there's s'mores! A typical picnic "out" lunch is sandwiches and veggies.

What portions are served?

Meals are served family style. For the first round, portions are distributed evenly to everyone. After the first round, more portions are available for anyone who is still hungry. Our kitchen and leaders seek to ensure that every camper eats the amount of food they need. Campers are encouraged to speak up and communicate with their leader to ensure that they get what they need.

What if a camper doesn't like something?

All campers are encouraged to try everything and eat the meal that is provided, even if it is not their favourite. If every attempt to eat the food offered has been given, the kitchen will provide an agreeable alternative such as sandwich or hot dog to ensure that every camper leaves the meal full and fueled up for more camp fun.

What special diet alternatives are offered?

Every meal includes options for vegetratian, gluten-free and dairy-free diets. If a camper diet requires further restrictions, the parent/guardian should contact the camp director one month prior to the camp session to review their camper's unique needs. If necessary, a meeting will be set up with the Kitchen Manager or Head Cook to review the menu and labels, as needed. In some situations, a family may be asked to provide alternatives for their camper that will be stored in the kitchen and served when needed. For Day Camp, parent/guardians may send a home-packed lunch as long as all items can be inspected to ensure that our Nut Policy is followed.

What snacks are served?

Overnight campers are served an evening snack and have access to a fruit bowl throughout the day. Day campers are served a morning and afternoon snack.

Can I bring snacks to camp?

The meals and snacks provide for the food needs of campers, so campers do not need to bring additional snacks. However, campers often do want to bring their own favourite snacks to camp and this is permitted according to the follow procedure: 1) personal snacks are brought in a separate bag and shown at the registration table for inspection to ensure the snacks meet our Nut Policy; 2) Snacks are given to cabin leaders who store all cabin snacks in a one secure location; 3) During appropriate time periods when activities are not in sessions, campers can ask cabin leaders for access their snacks; 4) As much as possible, campers are encouraged to share with their cabin mates.