2021 Leader In Training (LIT) Program

Canterbury Hills Camp is a place of joy, creativity, adventure, and belonging. Our leaders model and create a culture where people are free to be themselves and accomplish more than they thought possible. Campers can take on new challenges because they have leaders who care for them and believe in them.

The Canterbury Hills Camp LIT program is an exciting, fun and rewarding way to develop leadership potential. The program includes learning sessions that include topics such as: teamwork, attitude, facilitation, behaviour responsiveness, communication, spirituality, wilderness skills, or problem solving. Learning doesn’t end with training sessions though, as our LITs deploy their gifts, skills and enthusiasm through a wide variety of camp responsibilities such as: assisting Senior Staff with virtual camp activity planning, interacting with campers, giving back to the camp community, and opportunities for independent learning on your own schedule.

This program is designed for youth aged 15-16 by the end of the calendar year. The cost of this program is $325 per participant.

LIT Benefits include:

  1. Learning and growing in a challenging and fun atmosphere;
  2. Participating in and contributing to a supportive and enriching community environment;
  3. Exploring personal leadership potential with support from experienced mentors.

If you are excited to picture yourself as a LIT with Canterbury Hills Camp, please click HERE to apply now! All applicants will be invited to participate in a short interview and will be contacted once the application is received.

The July LIT program will be virtual for the first week, followed by 3 weeks in person. The August program will be fully in-person. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to Camp Director Emily Lloyd.

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