2023 Leader In Training (LIT) Program

The Canterbury Hills Camp LIT program is an exciting, fun and rewarding way to develop leadership potential. The program includes daily learning sessions that include topics such as: teamwork, facilitation, behaviour responsiveness, personal care, mental health, compassionate care, professionalism, communication, spirituality, wilderness skills, and problem solving. Learning continues throughout the day as LITs deploy their gifts, skills and enthusiasm through a wide variety of camp responsibilities such as: helping with site/program duties, supporting a staff team, assisting with cabin needs or practicing facilitating activities with campers. LITs will gain valuable leadership qualities that can be used in a variety of contexts, including school, church, future workplaces, and their broader community!

LIT Benefits:

  • Learning and growing in a challenging and fun atmosphere with the benefit of being outdoors
  • Participating in and contributing to a supportive and enriching community environment
  • Exploring personal leadership potential while learning important leadership values and lessons
  • Opportunities to gain experience by working with campers and staff teams
  • Participating in daily LIT sessions
  • Learning about the operations of Canterbury Hills Camp by sharing in camp responsibilities
  • Gaining up to 96 volunteer hours per week

REVIEW a description of leader responsibilities and expectations.

As a whole the Canterbury Hills LIT program is designed as a two summer experience to help teens successfully transition from camper to camp leader. Participants are encouraged to begin their experience with LIT 1, a half summer program with the option to attend in July or August, that focuses on leadership foundations.

LIT 2 participants take their skills to the next level, applying previous learnings to hands-on facilitation opportunities with campers over the course of a full summer spent at camp. LIT 2 is available to those who have participated in LIT 1 or can demonstrate comparable leadership experience/ability.

Minimum age for LIT 1: 15 by Dec. 31st, 2023

Minimum age for LIT 2: 16 by Dec. 31st, 2023

LIT 1 DAY - $749

  • JULY HALF SUMMER: July 11 - July 29
  • AUGUST HALF SUMMER: August 8 - August 26
  • Ideal for young people from the communities immediately around Canterbury Hills Camp.
  • Daily duties run weekly Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm, with an extended evening on Thursdays. Lunches are provided each day and dinner is provided on Thursday nights


  • JULY HALF SUMMER: July 10 - July 29
  • AUGUST HALF SUMMER: August 7- August 26
  • Enjoy an immersive camp experience including daily sessions and increased opportunity to spend time with assigned camper groups during evening camp activities.
  • Daily duties run from Sunday afternoon to Friday evening
  • All meals are provided throughout the working week
  • LIT 1's in the overnight stream will participate in a 3 day, 2 night offsite mini expedition which will include canoeing, hiking, and wilderness skill building along local sections of the Bruce Trail.
  • LIT 1's in the day stream will be invited to participate in the mini expedition and, if doing so, must be able to commit to the overnight portions of the trip.


  • FULL SUMMER: July 10 - August 26
  • Take leadership to the next with level 2 training sessions that focus on practical applications for previously discussed leadership topics within the camp context and within the wider world
  • Expanded leadership opportunities and responsibilities in working with camper groups
  • Available to those who have participated in LIT 1 or can demonstrate comparable leadership experience/ability.
  • LIT2’s will have opportunities throughout the summer to attend off site skill building trips. These trips will be planned and facilitated with direct involvement from the LIT 2 group and are intended to include components of wilderness skill building, community volunteering, and peer mentorship.

Staff Training:

We are excited to invite all LITs to participate in our formal staff training periods. While attendance at staff training is not a requirement of the program we highly encourage all LITs to attend. Staff training is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the staff team you’ll be working with and to get oriented to the site, the routines of camp, and the upcoming program. As an LIT you are not obligated to attend staff training but we encourage you to consider it if it is possible for you. We know you’ll get a lot out of it!

Staff Training Dates 2022:

  • May Training Weekend: May 20-23
  • Staff Training Week: June 3 - July 8

LIT Applications:

  • Candidates may apply without previous camp experience.
  • There are limited LIT positions and the application process is competitive.
  • LIT is excellent preparation for future leadership roles at camp, in churches, and in the community.
  • Canterbury Hills Camp does not guarantee that a LIT position will result in future staff positions.
  • Bursary assistance is available for the LIT program. Successful applicants who require bursary assistance will be put in touch with our camp registrar for instructions on how to complete a bursary application.

To apply for a LIT position (opening in March 2023):

  1. Carefully review the information on this page.
  2. Complete our online LIT Application Form.
  3. Contact 2 references (Minister, Employer, Sunday School Coordinator, Coach,Teacher) and have them complete the LIT Reference Form.
  4. Selected applicants will be invited to participate in a short virtual interview with members of our Resource Team.
  5. Wait for confirmation of acceptance to the LIT Program
  6. Register online through our online registration portal to complete payment and paperwork ahead of the summer

Please reach out to our Camp Director, Sharon Millar, at director@canterburyhills.ca with any questions that you have!