Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements?

DAY CAMPERS must be between the ages of five and ten. If your camper is four, but will turn five by the end of the year, they are eligible to come to Day Camp. If your camper is ten, but is turning eleven before the end of the year, they are no longer eligible for the Day Camp program and are encouraged to participate in the Overnight program.

OVERNIGHT CAMPERS must be between the ages of seven and fifteen. If your camper is six, but will turn 7 by the end of the year, they are eligible to come to overnight camp. If your camper is fifteen, but is turning sixteen before the end of the year they are no longer eligible for the Overnight Camp program.

How old must a camper be to participate in the Thurs. night Day Camp sleepover?

7 by the end of the year. All campers can choose to stay for pizza, ice cream, EP (evening program) and campfire until 9pm on Thurs. night of Day Camp.

May I make a cabin request?

Yes. Canterbury Hills does take cabin requests. We do not guarantee all cabin requests, but will try our best to ensure your request is met. If your camper would like to be with a friend or sibling, please provide their name on your application.

How are cabin requests processed?

If the campers are the same age they are more likely to be placed in the same unit group. Please only submit one request per camper as we must consider the overall group dynamics of all campers.

Is financial support available?

Bursary assistance is available to assist families in covering Overnight, Day, and LIT session costs. To apply to the bursary program, please first register your camper for camp. This can be done online or by using the paper application found on our website. When selecting your payment method, please select: Camp Bursary. This step MUST be completed as we need to ensure there is space for your camper in our program. Once the registration form is completed you will be sent the bursary application. To qualify for the bursary assistance program, all paperwork must be submitted to our office on or before the May 1st deadline.

What pool supervision and standards are in place?

We follow the swimming standards of the Ontario Camping Association. All swims sessions are supervised by a NLS certified guard with assistance from Bronze Cross certified guards. Our swimmer to guard ratio is: minimum 1 NLS per 1-20 swimmers; minimum 2 guards (may include 1 or more assistants) per 21-40 swimmers.

Is a swim test required?

Yes. Our pool includes a shallow end separated from a deep end by a rope. All campers must successfully complete a swim test in order to be granted permission to swim in the deep end?

How are non-swimmers supervised?

We have life preservers available for non-swimmers. Campers may also bring their own life preservers. For every two non-swimmers under the age of six we have a maximum of two leaders in the water. For every four swimmers between the age of six and nine, we have a maximum of 4 leaders in the water. This ratio may be increased to a maximum of eight non-swimmers per leaders if all swimmers are wearing a life preserver.