Are there bathrooms in the cabins?

Yes indeed! Every cabin has a bathroom with 3 stalls, shower and 3 sinks. So when campers need a bathroom at night, they don't have to leave the cabin and search for a distant bathroom somewhere out there in the dark.

Are Day Campers assigned to a cabin?

Some Day Campers are assigned to cabins and some are assigned to the Farrell portable (also known as Butternut cabin) which has a large open area plus a bathroom.

What is the layout of the cabins?

All cabins have 3 sleeping rooms with two bunks in each room. Two rooms are designated as camper rooms with 4 campers assigned to each room. The room closest to the door is assigned to staff. There is also a common area where campers can gather, relax, play games, do crafts, etc.

How much time do campers spend in the cabin?

Campers are outdoors as much as possible with the cabin as a place of rest and transition inbetween activities. Day campers store their personal belongings in their cabin and gather at their cabin at the beginning and end of the day. Overnight campers have a quiet "siesta" hour after lunch every day to rest and have a break from the sun.

May I make a cabin request?

Yes. Canterbury Hills does take cabin requests. If your camper would like to be with a friend or sibling, please provide their name on your application.

How are cabin requests processed?

Cabin assignments are determined one week prior to each camp session. Decisions are based on the full spectrum of camper needs, dynamics, and requests. Due to space limitations and the complexity of all considerations, we do not guarantee that all cabin requests will be granted. If the campers are the same age, then they are more likely to be placed in the same unit group. Families are asked to only submit one request per camper. Requests are strengthened when both campers request each other on their separate applications.