How is camper health monitored?

All employed staff have active certification in standard First Aid & CPR Level C and our first level of response. Staff are trained to observe camper health throughout the day, looking for any symptoms that require attention. Campers are regularly encouraged to drink water and apply sunscreen. If a camper expresses or demonstrates a symptom of sickness or injury that requires additional attention, a leader will bring them to our Wellness Centre for assessment from a member of our Resource Team or Camp Director. Protocol in our Wellness Centre follows directives authorized by our on-call camp doctor.

When do you contact a parent/guardian?

When a camper presents symptoms beyond a typical camp health concern, parents are contacted. If a typical camp health concern persists and is not improving as expected, a parent/guardian is contacted.

When do you take a camper to the doctor or hospital?

If a camper requires emergency medical attention, we will call 911 and then contact parents to inform and arrange meeting at the hospital. If a camper requires non-emergency medical attention, we will consult with the parent/guardian and then initiate the agreed upon plan regarding the doctor or hospital visit.

What Wellness records are kept?

All medications delivered and camper assessment/treatments are recorded according to our Wellness protocols.

Are health records confidential?

Only the Camp Director and senior Resource Team access camper health records. Specific information is shared with specific leaders or the Kitchen Manager, as needed only, to ensure health and safety.