Leader In Training (LIT) Program (Ages 15-16)

What is the LIT (Leader in Training) Program?

As a whole the Canterbury Hills LIT program is designed as a two summer experience to help teens successfully transition from camper to camp leader.

Participants are encouraged to begin their experience with LIT 1, a 4-week “half summer” program with the option to attend as part of the July cohort or August cohort. LIT 1 focuses on leadership foundations.

Minimum age for LIT 1: 15 by Dec. 31st, 2024

LIT 2 is a 8-week “full summer” program that focuses on expanding leadership fundamentals through increased responsibility and opportunities for practical application of skills. LIT 2’s spend additional time with camper groups, discuss advanced session topics, and are assigned as captains of LIT community event planning teams. LIT 2 is available to those who have previously participated in LIT 1 or can demonstrate comparable leadership experience/ability. LIT 1 is a suggested prerequisite of LIT 2 but is not mandatory

Minimum age for LIT 2: 16 by Dec. 31st, 2024

LIT Benefits:

  • Learning and growing in a challenging and fun atmosphere with the benefit of being outdoors
  • Participating in and contributing to a supportive and enriching community environment
  • Exploring personal leadership potential while learning important leadership values and lessons
  • Opportunities to gain experience by working with campers and staff teams
  • Participating in daily LIT sessions
  • Learning about the operations of Canterbury Hills Camp by sharing in camp responsibilities
  • Gaining up to 96 volunteer hours per week

What do Leaders in Training do?

The Canterbury Hills Camp LIT program is an exciting, fun and rewarding way to develop leadership potential. The program includes daily learning sessions that include topics such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Facilitation
  • Behaviour responsiveness
  • Personal care
  • Mental health
  • Compassionate care
  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Spirituality
  • Wilderness skills
  • Problem solving

Learning continues throughout the day as LITs deploy their gifts, skills and enthusiasm through a wide variety of camp responsibilities such as: helping with site/program duties, supporting a staff team, assisting with cabin needs or practicing facilitating activities with campers. LITs will gain valuable leadership qualities that can be used in a variety of contexts, including school, church, future workplaces, and their broader community!

LIT 1 Details, Dates, & Rates

Both the July and August cohorts follow the same basic schedule:

WEEK 1: cohort connections and offsite expedition
WEEKS 2-4: group sessions, individual placements

Week 1 of the LIT 1 experience includes 2 days of team building activities followed by a 3-day, 2-night offsite expedition. The LIT 1 expedition includes canoeing, hiking, and wilderness skill building along local sections of the Bruce Trail. The LIT 1 expedition is planned and led by our Leadership Development Coordinator who is a member of the senior staff team.

In the following three weeks of the program, LIT 1’s spend each morning in leadership topic sessions with their peers. Sessions are led by members of the senior staff team, or volunteers with specific subject expertise. Each afternoon LIT 1’s spend time in an individually assigned “placement”. During each placement LIT 1’s are mentored by camp staff to explore different aspects of the camp program. Placements change weekly to allow LITs to observe and learn from a variety of experienced leaders.

Lit 1 - $1049

Bursary assistance is available for the LIT program
Overnight Stream
- Enjoy an immersive camp experience including increased
opportunity to spend time with assigned camper groups during
evening camp activities

- Daily duties run from Sunday afternoon to Friday evening

- All meals are provided throughout the working week
Choose between:

JULY Cohort:
July 1 - July 26


AUGUST Cohort:
July 29 - August 23

First week begins on Monday with
all LIT 1’s in the cohort arriving on
the same day.

July cohort start date:
Monday July 1
August cohort start date:
Monday July 29

For the overnight stream all subsequent weeks
are Sunday afternoon - Friday evening
Day Stream

- Ideal for young people from the communities immediately
around Canterbury Hills Camp

- Daily duties run weekly Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm,
with an extended evening on Thursdays

- Lunches are provided each day and dinner is provided on
Thursday nights
Choose between:

JULY Cohort:
July 1 - July 26


AUGUST Cohort:
July 29 - August 23

LIT 1’s in the day stream are asked to participate
in the first week expedition and must be able to commit to
the Wednesday night and Thursday night overnight portions
of the trip.

LIT 2 Details, Dates, & Rates

LIT 2’s spend three afternoons each week in leadership topic sessions with their LIT 2 peers. They are also designated LITtle team captains, responsible for leading an assigned group of LIT 1’s in planning and facilitating one “whole camp” activity each week. LIT 2’s engage in a weekly reflection session on Friday mornings alongside the LIT 1’s.

LIT 2’s receive individual weekly placements and have the opportunity to request specializations in specific camp areas each placement week.

As a group the LIT 2’s plan a culminating 5-day, 4-night offsite expedition to take place in the 7th week of their program (August 11-16). The LIT 2 cohort has direct input into the itinerary for their expedition which is intended to include components of wilderness skill building, community volunteering, and application of LIT program learnings.

Lit 2 - $1448

Bursary assistance is available for the LIT program

- Take leadership to the next level with training sessions
that focus on practical applications for previously discussed
leadership topics within the camp context and within the wider world

- Expanded leadership opportunities and responsibilities in
working with camper groups

- Daily duties run from Sunday afternoon to Friday evening
- All meals are provided throughout the working week
Full Summer

(Overnight recommended, speak with the
camp director about LIT 2 Day stream options

June 30 - August 23

LIT Applications - OPENING FEBRUARY 16,2024:

  • Candidates may apply without previous camp experience.
  • There are limited LIT positions and the application process is competitive.
  • LIT is excellent preparation for future leadership roles at camp, in churches, and in the community.
  • Canterbury Hills Camp does not guarantee that a LIT position will result in future staff positions.
  • Bursary assistance is available for the LIT program. Successful applicants who require bursary assistance will be put in touch with our camp registrar for instructions on how to complete a bursary application.

To apply for a LIT position (opening February 16, 2024):

  1. Carefully review the information on this page.
  2. Complete our online LIT Application Form.
  3. Contact 2 references (Minister, Employer, Sunday School Coordinator, Coach, Teacher) and have them complete the LIT Reference Form.
  4. Selected applicants will be invited to participate in a short virtual interview with members of our Resource Team.
  5. Wait for confirmation of acceptance to the LIT Program
  6. Register online through our online registration portal to complete payment and paperwork ahead of the summer

Please reach out to our Camp Director, Sharon Millar, at director@canterburyhills.ca with any questions that you have!