I have a special needs child. Where do I start?

Contact Reach for the Rainbow: 416-503-0088. They will help you with next steps that include creating a profile and looking for camp opportunites that are available and will be a good match.

How is 1:1 support offered at Canterbury Hills?

1:1 support means that a camper will always have full attention and support from one of their 3 cabin leaders. The support can be given while the camper is fully participating with their cabin group or through activities that take place separately from the cabin group. During each camp session, we set aside 3 Overnight spots and 2 Day spots that are arranged through Reach for the Rainbow.

Who provides 1:1 training for leaders?

Reach for the Rainbow provides training to all of our leaders and follows up with ongoing support throughout the summer. Daily support is provided by our senior Resource Team and Camp Director.

Does my child need 1:1 support?

If your child requires special assistance at school, they will be best cared for and set up for success with 1:1 support at camp. If you are unsure if your child requires 1:1 support, contact the Camp Director to discuss your child's needs.

Does Canterbury Hills provide 1:1 support outside of the Reach for the Rainbow program?

No. Our partnership with Reach for the Rainbow is the only context through which we arrange 1:1 support.

Are activities adapted to unique camper needs?

Yes. Staff are trained to adapt activities, as needed, to ensure that everyone can participate.